About our company



Our company is one of the top popular world brokers. We value the trust of our clients and remain committed to providing reliable services and creating long-term relationships with our traders and partners.


We keep the finger on the pulse of the latest trends to improve and expand our services for traders and partners. Our aim is to give them an opportunity to do their favorite thing and not to be distracted with anything else.


The basis of our success is the team of professionals with a strong financial background and many years of experience. Our team is always ready to help customers and to organize the best working environment for them.


Our clients get only the quotes of the biggest world banks. Their personal and financial information is safe from the interception by the third parties. All customers are fully protected from the negative balance on their accounts.

More than 300 000 traders from 18 countries worldwide

Our vision is to contribute to the global change in the online trading industry — bringing more transparency and making trading truly accessible to all.


CCFX is a broker that provides its customers with supreme trading platforms and helps each one of them make their financial dreams come true.

Our Mission

We believe in strong business ethics and therefore we deliver outstanding customer service, extremely competitive products and support to traders. With highly customer-focused technological innovation we concentrate more on enhancing the trading experience for our customers. We believe strongly that establishing trust and respect-based relationships is beneficial to everyone.

Our Approach

CCFX is based on corporate and ethical standards, and this is the thing that makes us unique. We truly believe in providing the best experience of trading to our customers and this is the reason for building a trustworthy relationship with them.

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